Introduction to Sex Tourism in Cameroon 

Cameroon is located between the lake Chad Basin to her North, the Congo Basin to her South, Central African Republic to her East and one of Africa’s economic giant, Nigeria to her West. It is made up of ten regions, three of which border with the Atlantic Ocean; the Littoral, South and South West Regions. Due to her multicultural background stemming from her geolocation, she is referred to as Africa in miniature. Cameroon is therefore an adventurous haven for tourists. Despite these exotic natural sites, tourists equally come for sexual adventures to enjoy the diversity of the act. Beware!!! It is still not a legalized structure.


Sex Tourism in the Coastal Regions of Cameroon

In Kribi – South Region, you have beautiful young girls who are well fed from the fishery products of the Atlantic Ocean. They are very welcoming and ready to appease any erotic quests tourists can request. You will find them flocking the angles of Quarefour Kingué and La Maree Nightclub.



The South West Region bearing the highest mountain in Central and West Africa, gives sex tourists a visa reason of coming for site seeing and mountaineering meanwhile upon their arrival, they activate their libidos and gain every possible sexual satisfaction from the local English speaking girls. Mile 4 Limbe and Atlantic Beach Hotel are huge nests for them.

Douala the capital city of the Littoral Region, offers an ideal environment for sex tourists who may not just be transsexual but homosexual as well. Due to the diversity of this population, in Rue de la Joie, Hotel Akwa Palace, Kwassa-Kwassa night club and Hotel Le Ndé, sexual predators have a wide variety of their preys. Here, you can find a large number of gay studs awaiting to accompany you home.

Street Sex Hawkers

Taking a stroll at night in the streets of the main cities in Cameroon, leaves tourists with an array of ebony ladies lined up waiting for any possible client. In Yaoundé, you will find them at Mini Ferme – Melen, Quarefour Carriere, Hotel de Ville, Hilton Hotel and Avenue Kennedy; in Bamenda you will find them exclusively at Mobile - Nkwen.



Strip clubs

It is quite easy to find ready-to-take to bed ladies with thick natural bosoms and bottoms in strip clubs which are littered all-round the main cities of the country. Check them out along the streets of Titi Garage – Essos, Yaoundé.



Pimp Organization

Due to the illegal nature of sex marketing in Cameroon, it is daring to run an organized structure to satisfy sex tourists. Nonetheless, in Bepanda and Bonamoussadi – Douala, there are a couple of clandestine sex selling units for tourists who love the adrenaline of illegal sex.


Motel / Hotel Maids

Commonly called “the red-bulb houses”, these motels have ladies ready to satisfy every adult need. While buying a bottle of drink from the motel bars, be observant on the single ladies sipping their drinks and looking expectantly at you. Eager to enjoy, check them out in Bonaberi, Akwa and New Bell in Douala, Carrefour Transcam – Bertoua just to be prominent.

Around the hotels, you will find the top rated sexual partners ready to hop-in to the hotel with the tourist.



For female partners, the tariff differs with the exigencies of the client. For just one cum in a nearby brothel a tourist will pay an equivalent of just $5 to $10 in local currency the FCFA. Full night and foreplay ranges from $50 to $100 and more. A gay partner ranges from $100 to $300 and more. All the above rates depend on the tourist’s bargaining power considering the comprehensive nature of these beautiful sex hawkers.



Conclusively, tourists should keep in mind that AIDS has not got a cure yet as well as other STDs are still very virulent. Due to the illegal nature of this sector, fraudulent policemen will always want to make money out of tourist’s pockets.