We can confidently say that we are in the age of the ‘plentiful’. We have so many alternatives as regards the products and services we need. In fact, considering the fact that we are just a population of about 7 billion, some analysts say that we have more than we need. One area where this is true is when you’re looking to get sex services from exquisite girls in brothels.

If you go on any search engine right now and search for “adult escort services near me”, the results you will get is mind-numbing! Do you think this is a good thing? No. It is, in fact, a disservice. Because out of the many options you have, a good number of them are fake or illegal.

Why Fake Brothels Offering Adult Escort Services are Bad

This is a question that needs no answer. But for the sake of objectivity, let’s list out some obvious reasons.

  1. It causes the customers to lose trust in the adult escort service
  2. Some innocent girls are victims of this scam and this can scar them for life
  3. The government can begin a crackdown on legitimate adult escort businesses as a result of these fake ones.

The list goes on and on, but you already get the gist. Now, the issue on ground is for us to find a way to curb this menace. We might not be able to identify and bring down all these shady sex service centers by ourselves, but we can keep you safe from them.

How Can You Spot a Fake Brothel from a Real One?

1.Fake Brothels are often with Misleading Signs

For instance, you go on the internet and realize that there’s a brothel on your street. In your excitement, you rush down to the place and then you see the signboard of a massage center. In fact, in some cities where prostitution is not legal, they boldly say that sex services are not offered. Will you go ahead and pay for services here? NO! It’s a big red flag.

2.Fake Brothels Have Surprising Opening Hours

If you’re looking to have fun with exotic ladies from brothels, will it be during working hours? Or will it be at a time when your wife can easily spot you entering the adult escort service center? Of course not! So why do you think a legitimate brothel will put their opening hours as 10am to 10pm? This is another huge red flag.

3.The Privacy Provided in the Club or Brothel

Now, let’s say that both tips above check out and you enter the facility, there’s one ultimate test you can use; check out how private the inner chamber is. If the place is quite open and it doesn’t look like there’s a place for you to have fun in private, take your leave.