Ukraine is Europe’s second largest country and renowned for its wide expanse of land and fertile agricultural plains. One thing you might not know though is that Ukraine is every tourist’s destination for fun and relaxation. This is due to the abundance of sex tourists and escorts in Ukraine.

Safety with Escorts in Ukraine

If you plan to visit Ukraine during the holidays, you are in for a treat! Lots of sexy ladies to do your bidding. As regards the strife and unrest going on presently, it is advisable to avoid some parts of the country, hence, we’ll stick to those parts which ensure your safety.

Speaking of safety while having fun with sex escorts in Ukraine, always keep yourself protected! Ukraine has the worst HIV infection rate in the whole of Europe. A very high number of females in Ukraine are infected, so, if you’re looking for paid sex in Ukraine, you should consider getting a condom.

Meeting Sex Escorts in Ukraine

The places to meet sex escorts in Ukraine include clubs and strip bars. Unlike before, a lot of hookers on the street of Ukraine no longer advertise openly. Many sex escorts in Ukraine can be found online and a meeting will be arranged for you at your own convenience.

From cheap university girls to exotic call girls, Ukraine has a lot to offer you, most especially the city of Kiev. Even though there aren’t too many red light districts, a lot of prostitutes will give you access to their apartment in order to have a good time.

Strip Clubs in Kiev

The biggest city in Ukraine is Kiev, and as well as the beautiful sights, there are beautiful girls in Kiev as well. These beautiful girls will show you their good-looking breasts and ass for a small token in the numerous strip bars in Kiev. Some of the popular strip clubs in Ukraine are highlighted below.

Red Heat

This is a strip bar located on Sagaydachnogo Street in Kiev. The nearest metro to this strip bar is Poshtova Ploscha and they are open every day from 9 pm until 6 am. Red heat strip bar in Kiev offers erotic dance, erotic massages, and pole dancing shows.

As usual, other arrangements can be made with the sex escorts in Red heat strip club to have them for the night, however, you should speak to a staff for this.

Club Rio

This strip club in Kiev is unique because they open by 4 pm and only leave when the last client leaves. Cool right? It is situated on Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Street, and a metro close to it is the Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Even though it is quite difficult to find, it is worth every stress.

The sex escorts are very friendly here and the rates are negotiable. Even though many sex escorts in Kiev are known to love money, the girls in Club Rio are not greedy.


For tourists in Ukraine on a budget, you can get cheap sex escorts in Kiev here. It is situated opposite the new Olympic stadium on Krasnoarmeyska Street and this makes it very easy to locate. It costs about 200 UAH  (7 USD) to gain entry while a private dance goes for about 300 UAH. (10 USD)