Warsaw- The City of Beauty

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a very peaceful and colorful city. However, during nighttime, it has a reputation for harboring some of the best sex escorts around. A lot of people choose to visit Warsaw during the holidays just to have a taste of the escorts. Check the statistics and you’ll know that the adult sex escorts in Warsaw know their job.

This article is to educate you on how to last longer with the exotic escorts in Warsaw. You can read more about sex escort activities in Poland here.

What Money Cannot Buy in Warsaw

Polish escorts love fancy gifts, money, and exotic dates. However, there is a satisfaction money cannot buy.

Many of the best escorts in Poland attest to the fact that they prefer a man who lasts longer in bed to someone who gets them gifts and other materials. If you last long enough to please your female sex escort, trust me, she’ll do anything to make you happy.

Take Your Time.

One advice we recommend is to start slow. Your escort is not running away, stop rushing to penetrate her. In fact, this is the only race where the one who cums last is the winner, so take your time.

Be generous with the foreplay. A lot of sex escorts in Warsaw complain about not getting enough touching, stroking, and petting. Give every part of her body the attention it deserves. You should understand that she has needs and you should do something about it. You can even ask your escort how and where she wants to be kissed, touched, or licked.

Have No Fear

Also, one major thing is to eliminate every shame and fear. Listen, the worst that’ll happen is that you’ll goof and she’ll leave early. However, if you make sure you eliminate any form of fear and shame, you will have a great time with your sex escort in Warsaw and you’ll definitely come back for more.

Be Creative

Don’t just use your privates. Use your hands, tongue, eyes, and other parts of your body on your escort. Here, you should try to be very imaginative. Different strokes for different folks (pun intended), so ensure you know what works for you and stick to it (double entendre).

Some adult sex escorts in Warsaw actually advocate using sex toys. If a vibrator is what you need to last as long in bed, then you should go for it. If you need to learn, an article is coming up to teach you the tricks associated with several sex toys.


Consistent practice makes you perfect! A quote says “fake it till you make it”. This is quite valid with adult escorts in Poland. If you go into sex with the confidence of a professional porn star, you might end up surprising yourself with the performance you’ll put up.

Of all the escorts in Warsaw asked, none advised taking pills or sex-enhancing drugs. Apart from the side effects of these drugs, the drugs alone might not produce the intended effect. So when next you come to Poland for some of the exotic escorts around, make sure you follow these tips in order to maximize your time with them.