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ID invest, s. r. o., Companies Register of District Court in Banská Bystrica, section Sro, Insert no. 30157/S, firm domicile: Mierová 520/20, 985 54 Lovinobaňa, SR. Company identification no.: 50410792, Tax ID: 2120308102, VAT SK2120308102. CEO: Ivan Dlhoš

Operator´s information systems

  • Information system – web portal /
  • Information system – marketing /

Legal basis of personal data processing: agreement of data subject 

Range of personal data processing

  • Information system – web portal / e-mail address, password
  • Information system – marketing / e-mail address

Information system – web portal /

Operator runs and regulates the web portal on the Internet address He provides variety of services for natural and artificial persons by this website. All services provided by the web portal are the services of buyer. Operator is not responsible for price, quality, content, and availability of buyer´s services. The buyer of service must be person above 18 years old regardless of gender. The buyer of service could be also the company (private, escort agency, massage salon, etc.). Operator is not the intermediator of the services on website Operator is not responsible for topicality and veracity of displayed advertisement. Operator processes the personal data of buyers during their voluntary registration, necessary to following login and using this web portal, in this range: e-mail address and password. 

Information system – Marketing /

There is a processing of personal data during the sending of newsletters to customers´ e-mail addresses. The legal basis of this personal data processing of data subject is his/her agreement. Range of processing personal data: e-mail address. 

At the same time, operator informs according to law act no. 18/2018 on the protection of personal data as amended on 25. 05. 2018:

Processing of personal data is legal, if it is conducted on at least one of following legal basis

  • data subject expresses the agreement of personal data processing at least for one concrete purpose, 
  • the processing of personal data is unavoidable to performance of contract when contracting party is data subject, or to performance arrangement before making contract based on data subject´s request,
  • the processing of personal data is unavoidable according to specific regulation or international contract which bound the Slovak Republic,
  • the processing of personal data is unavoidable to protect life, health or property of data subject, or another natural person, 
  • the processing of personal data is unavoidable to fulfil a task of public interest or during an administration of public authority entrusted to operator, or
  • the processing of personal data is unavoidable to purpose of authorized interests of operator or third party excluded cases, when the interests or rights of data subject are predominated, mainly when data subject is a child; this legal basis is not applied to processing of personal data by agencies of general government throughout the performance of their tasks.

Legal basis to processing of personal data according to paragraph 1-point c) and e) must be determined by this law act, by regulation or international contract which bound the Slovak Republic; specific law act must determine the purpose of personal data processing, the category of data subjects and the list of personal data processing or range of personal data processing. Processing of personal data based on specific law act can be provided, transferred, or published from information system, only when the specific law act determines the purpose of providing or the purpose of publishing, the list of personal data processing or range of personal data processing, which are able to be provided or published, alternatively third parties for whom are these data provided. 

If the personal data are processing to another purpose, which is not established on agreement of data subject or on specific regulation, to finding out whether the processing of personal data to another purpose is compatible to original purpose, operator must take into consideration (among other things)

  • any kind of connection between original purpose of personal data processing and purpose of another intended personal data processing, 
  • circumstances of gaining the personal data, mainly circumstances about the relation between data subject and operator,
  • character of personal data, mainly if there are specific categories of personal data according to § 16 or personal data about guilty for committing a crime or offence according to § 17,
  • possible impacts of another intended processing of personal data for data subject 
  • existence of adequate guaranties, which can include encoding or pseudonymization. 

Requirements of providing the agreement of personal data processing

  • If the processing of personal data is based on the agreement of data subject, operator is anytime obliged to prove that data subject has provided the agreement of processing of his/ her personal data.
  • If operator requests the agreement of personal data processing from data subject, this agreement must be differentiated from other facts and must be expressed clearly, intelligible and must be in accessible form.
  • Data subject has anytime got the right to cancel the agreement of personal data processing connected to him/her. This cancellation of the agreement has no influence on lawfulness of personal data processing based on the agreement before the cancellation; before the agreement is provided, data subject must be informed about this fact. Data subject can cancel the agreement by the same way as it has been provided in the past. 
  • To judge whether the agreement has been provided freely, the important factor is whether the fulfilling of the contract including the providing service is conditional on the agreement of personal data processing, which is not avoidable to fulfilling of this contract. 

The processing of personal data is regulated by the regulation EPaR EU no. 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons during the personal data processing and on free movement of these data, which cancels the direction 95/46/ES (universal regulation on data protection); and by law act SR no. 18/2018 on the protection of personal data and on amendments to certain acts as amended on 25.05.2018. 

Data subject is aware of his/her rights, which adjust the duties of operator during the excise of data subject´s rights according § 19 to §30 of the law act no. 18/2018. 

By course of § 21 of the law act no. 18/2018, data subject has the right to achieve the affirmation for personal data processing from operator. If operator is processing these personal data, data subject has the right to achieve the access to these personal data and information about

  • purpose of personal data processing,
  • category of personal data processing,
  • identification of receiver or about the category of receiver of personal data, mainly about the receiver in the third state or about the international organization, if it is possible, 
  • duration of keeping the personal data; if it is not possible, information about the criteriums of its determination,
  • right to require the correction of personal data from operator, their deletion or limitation of their processing or right to have objections to personal data processing,
  • right to give motion to initiating of the law action according to § 100,
  • personal data´s source, if they have not been obtained by data subject, 
  • existence of automated individual deciding included profiled according to § 28 point 1 and 4; in these cases, operator provides information mainly about used procedure, significance and expected impact of personal data processing for data subject.

Data subject has the right to be informed about the adequate guaranties relate to movement according to § 482 point 2-4, if personal data are moved to third state or international organization.

Operator is obliged to provide processing personal data to data subject. To repeated provision, operator can charge a fee according to administrative costs. Operator is obliged to provide personal data to data subject by required way. Every data subject can contact responsible person with questions relate to personal data processing. 

Responsible person of operator since 25. 05. 2018:

  • Name, surname: Ivan Dlhoš 
  • Contact: +421915326778
  • E-mail:
  • Address: Mierova 520/20, Lovinobaňa 98554, Slovakia

Responsible person

  • provides information and consultant service to operator or intermediator and employees who process personal data, about their duties according to this law act, special regulation or international contract which bound the Slovak Republic about the protection of personal data, 
  • monitors accordance to this law act, specific regulation or international contract which bound the Slovak Republic about the protection of personal data and to rules of operator or intermediator related to personal data protection include division of duties, raising public awareness and professional training of people who are involved in processing operations and related audits of personal data protection,
  • provides consultant service on request, if it is about the impact of personal data protection and monitoring of its execution according to § 42,
  • cooperates with office to carry out his/her duties,
  • carries out duties of contact place for office related to questions about the processing of personal data included previous consultation according to § 43 and as needed of consultation of the others matters.

During the carry out the duties, responsible person properly takes into consideration the risk of processing operations and takes into consideration character, range, context, and purpose of personal data processing. 

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